June 2016 EMail Newsletter


Ever wonder what Legapalooza/DAN does with the money they raise? One GREAT thing - among many- is they make it possible for DAN members to attend the National Amputee Coalition Conference... It's happening this weekend.
Almost 1,000 people with limb loss are participating in networking events, adaptive sports events, educational seminars AND MORE!
Follow it LIVE on Twitter. Or check out the AC facebook page!
Girl Overjoyed at Doll With Matching Prosthetic Leg
Girl Overjoyed at Doll With Matching Prosthetic Leg
M-Power Crew at _Legapalooza_
M-Power Crew at #Legapalooza 2016!
What Will They Think of Next? 
"The world first tattooing prosthetic arm!  French artist JL Gonzal made this for Tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet using an existing prosthesis on which he added the metal bits and built the tattoo machine so that it can be set as needed by the tattoo artist." 
We are celebrating our 10th year helping lower limb amputees and individuals with complicated foot and ankle challenges "Find Their Independence."
We have become known for our personalized care and advancing customized orthotics and prosthetic devices that profoundly impact YOUR day-to-day life.M-Power's orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) team sets itself apart by providing the individualized care expected by our patients. Our focus is to work with your doctors and physical therapists to help implement individualized patient care and rehabilitation plans.
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