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We will be closed on Monday, Labor Day, September 5th.
Do you know an individual with a disability who is making a difference in the community?
Consider nominating them for the Viscardi Achievement Award.
#MPowerOnTheRoad - Colton K.
Find YOUR independence! Colton's amazing first two weeks in his first prosthesis. 
Way to go Colton!
Paralympic Trivia

The Rio 2016 medals are uniquely designed for Paralympic athletes.
Medals make sound when shaken that tells visually impaired athletes if they are gold, silver or bronze.
Innovation was the key word as the Rio 2016 organizing committee and the Brazilian Mint unveiled the medals that will be awarded at the Paralympic Games in September.

Each of the 2,642 medals (877 gold, 876 silver, 889 bronze) has a device inside that uses tiny steel balls to make a sound when they are shaken, allowing visually impaired athletes to identify which color they are. 

The bronze medals have 16 steel balls and make the lowest sound. The silver medals have 20 balls and the golds have 28, producing the loudest noise. All of the medals also have the words 'Rio 2016 Paralympic Games' written on them Braille.
Take a look  at the 2016 Games' medals up close.
Calendar of Events

Prosthetic Overview

Prosthetic Overview

Lower Extremity Orthotics: Part One

11/3/16 Walnut Place
Transtibial Prosthetics

11/17/16 Walnut Place
Lower Extremity Orthotics: Part Two

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Prosthetics & Orthotics for Therapists

The purpose of our Prosthetics and Orthotics for Therapists™continuing education course series is to provide continuing education credits for therapists in Texas by presenting courses on various aspects of upper and lower extremity prostheses and orthoses.
Cost Effective.
There is no cost. You can't get more cost effective than that!
Need to schedule your series? 
Call the office at (214) 265-5060 
Prosthetic Series 
(Courses are taught in the following order)
1. Prosthetic Overview 
2. Transtibial Prosthetics 
3. Transfemoral Prosthetics
4. Prosthetics & Dermatology
(and more!)

Orthotic Series 
(Courses are taught in the following order)
1. Lower Extremity Orthotics Overview: Part One
2. Lower Extremity Orthotics Overview: Part Two
3. Upper Extremity Orthotics: An Overview
4. Spinal Orthotics: An Overview
(and more!)

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No arms. No legs. Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Kyle Maynard. Unlimited Will.
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